Credit Analysis

We will assist you in obtaining your starting credit reports, credit scores and conduct an extensive line-by-line audit to identify all negative items holding your credit scores back. We also look for errors and obsolete items that legally should not be on your credit report and work on getting them removed and corrected for you.

Credit Report Review & Portal Set-Up

This is when we begin to set up a personal plan of action for you based on your priorities. and get you set up with your personal portal. You will have access to monitor your progress 24/7 online and communicate directly with us.

Time To Correct and Dispute

We will contact all 3 Credit Bureaus and/or creditors for correction or removal depending on your specific case and applicable laws. This is what we specialize in. The exciting part starts now! All responses from the credit bureaus will be sent to you directly by mail or email. You can see the results as they are happening every 30 – 60 days, or even sooner! It is very important to forward your results from all 3 bureaus or creditors as soon as possible. This will help maximize your time and results in our program.

Credit Building

While we wait and monitor your progress, we will assist you with credit building tips and new credit assistance, because we understand that credit repair is only part of the equation. To see a list of credit building credit cards click on the button below.

Our credit repair services help fix your credit. We help people take control of their financial lives. 

Imagine yourself being able to purchase your own home or car at a great interest rate. Your credit score is more than just a number, it could help you save thousands of dollars each year by owning your own home, having a better loan interest rate, owning a car, and the ability to purchase car insurance at better rates. Credit Repair Services gives you better business opportunities and the option to have cell phones or utilities without deposits…how great would that be? Let me tell you, it feels FABULOUS!

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We thank you for taking a look at our credit repair services. 

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